Keep Cool, Take One!

IGP-DURA®one 56 – One Powder Coating System for All Requirements.

With IGP-DURA®one 56, IGP Powder Coatings has launched the first-ever range of quality-certified, highly reactive powder coatings. These products make it possible to reduce object temperatures or increase the processing speed. You save energy, achieving lower costs and greater sustainability. The high over-curing stability of these powder coatings also ensures process reliability. Using IGP-DURA®one 56 simplifies production planning, especially for coating companies with several powder suppliers. That’s why we say: “Keep Cool, Take One!” – one powder coating system for every requirement.

processing speed

Optimized processes for lower costs and high sustainability. 

Reduce Curing Temperature

Faster processing
thanks to lower curing temperatures.

Ensure Great
Coating Quality

The excellent
over-curing stability
guarantees a consistent shade.

  • IGP-DURA®one 56 new also available with IGP-Effectives®!

    In the surface coating industry, efficiency, sustainability, and a uniform shade are of paramount importance. IGP Powder Coatings has taken a significant step in this direction by combining the IGP-DURA®one 56 low-temperature powder coating series with the unique IGP-Effectives® technology. This fusion marks a milestone in powder coating technology.

    IGP-DURA®one 56 and IGP-Effectives® offers architects and coating companies a comprehensive solution for surface coatings that meet the highest standards in terms of quality, efficiency, and sustainability. This innovative combination presents an opportunity to address the current needs of the industry – «Keep cool, take one!».


  • «IGP-DURA®one 56 is the most economical and sustainable powder coating system.»

    IGP Powder Coatings Switzerland

Current Challenges

In today’s world, both our society as a whole and the coatings industry specifically face extremely complex challenges. Geopolitical uncertainty, climate change, and unpredictable developments in the energy sector have sent production costs soaring. For this reason, it’s important to find ways to make coating processes more cost-effective and sustainable.

Acutely aware of these needs, IGP has launched a unique, highly reactive powder coating system under the brand name IGP-DURA®one 56. The new product series makes process optimization possible while simultaneously offering economic advantages and improving sustainability. Coating companies can benefit from increased profitability and potentially also a reducedcarbonfootprint. That’s why we say: “Keep Cool, Take One! IGP-DURA®one 56.

  • Increase Processing Speed

    Thanks to the highly reactive cross-linking of IGP-DURA®one 56, process speeds can be accelerated at any temperature setting. This means you can optimize oven throughput times up to an ultra-fast 3 minutes’ retention time at an object temperature of 190°C. Coating more parts in the same time means increased coating efficiency. This not only reduces the required manpower but also helps cut carbon emissions.

  • Reduce Curing Temperature

    IGP-DURA®one 56 is the most energy-efficient and highly reactive powder coating range on the market. It not only impresses thanks to low minimum curing temperatures (15 min / 160°C), but also due to its high application efficiency and excellent over-curing and gloss stability. Given recent electricity and gas price hikes, these advantages can significantly help to reduce operating costs while increasing sustainability.

  • Ensure Great Coating Quality

    The curing window of 15 mins. @ 160°C to 10 mins. @ 190°C is easy to comply with and simplifies planning for all coating companies. IGP-DURA®one 56 offers excellent over-curing and gloss stability across different curing combinations.
    This can increase the reliability of the coating process in various ways. For example, you can cure workpieces of different material thicknesses at different object temperatures, yet still achieve a stable shade in a guaranteed narrow gloss corridor. What’s more, the rapid reactivity ensures faster and complete cross-linking on all workpieces in ovens with uneven temperature distribution (e.g. chamber ovens, door area).

Tested Quality

In extensive field tests, our new IGP-DURA®one 56 range has proven that it guarantees outstanding application reliability in all phases of the coating process. All tests confirm its excellent over-curing and high gloss stability at different curing temperatures.      

    Highly Reactive Powder Coating Systems

    As a highly reactive low-temperature powder coating system, IGP-DURA®one 56 represents the future of the coating industry. Its obvious advantages and benefits can help coaters to run their business profitably and sustainably.

    • Higher efficiency thanks to increased processing speed
    • Reduced processing costs
    • Increased capacity thanks to time savings
    • Greater flexibility in terms of staff planning
    • Reduced energy costs through lower temperatures
    • High reliability due to superior properties
    • Reduced planning complexity
    • Wide range of standard RAL colors available
    • Matte, silk gloss, and fine-texture surface characteristics
    • High availability and short delivery times         

    One System for Everything – All in One

    The IGP-DURA®one 56 product range offers a broad palette of standard RAL colors with surface finishes in matte, silk gloss and fine texture. The powder coating qualities are certified in accordance with GSB (Florida 1) and Qualicoat (Class 1). Thanks to our wide range of stock items, we can also guarantee short delivery times.

    As a cost-effective and sustainable powder coating system with countless applications, IGP-DURA®one 56 will in future replace our IGP-DURA®face 58 product range. During the changeover, IGP customers can of course count on the usual service and support from our field staff and specialist consultants – you can rely on their technical competence, expertise, and field experience.

    Professional Support

    If you have any questions about IGP-DURA®one, need a sample for your project, or have any other requests, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.